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Mural Factory Grand Opening

February 06, 2023 02:02 PM

A philanthropic marvel of a project is getting underway in the village of Corfu this coming March.

Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Mary Dix and her son Tom Dix of Jay E. Potters Lumber, a legacy business in this modest little village, ART in its many forms will be used to help reintroduce a sense of community that once flourished in Corfu.  Here on the site of the very cornerstone of this crossroad village, in the historical bank building, a group of artists have embarked on a journey which they hope will include the entirety of, well, everyone.

Curious?   Perhaps the most interesting of the curiosities gathering in this new art space is the renowned art of our own local artist, Mr. Charlie Flagg. If anyone can usher in a new generation of community good will, good company, and good fine painting, it’s the charming and talented Charlie Flagg.  If you are not familiar with this local legend, all the more reason to “ C’mon in “ and share what Corfu will now offer.

In good company with well- established local talent Susan Weber, and Village resident artist Mark Zimmermann, the MURAL FACTORY opens its doors on March 18th.  From NOON until 5:00 pm, these three will welcome you, share a story with you, and find comfort in your story.   Oh, and while enjoying refreshments, and a tour of the wonderful old building, you are welcome to enjoy the art. The project itself is part of an ongoing campaign to make Corfu, NY “A Picture Perfect Place” through the use of murals, art, and commerce.

Finally, visitors will discover not only the art, but a welcoming studio for their own artistic endeavors including displays, demonstrations, painting classes, lectures, visiting artists, and even shared space to develop and practice their creativity.

You don’t have to be an artist!  Everyone is invited to stop in and meet these folks who share your story, your message, and your interest in making our community something special.

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