Planning Board

Welcome to the Planning Board page of your Corfu website!  Your Planning Board is charged with conducting reviews of site plans, special use permits, use variances, and temporary use and structure permits as prescribed in “Village of Corfu Zoning Law.”  A copy of the zoning law is on display at the Village Office.  In part, Section 103 tells of the purposes of the zoning law,

The purposes of this Zoning Law are to encourage the most appropriate use of the land throughout the Village and to provide for orderly growth and development that will conserve the value of property; to lessen congestion in the streets; to provide adequate light and air; to limit concentrated development to an amount equal to the availability and capacity of public facilities and services; to avoid undue concentration of population; to secure safety from fire, flood, and other dangers; to promote the health, safety, morals and the general welfare of the public.

The Planning Board meets at 6:30 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month in the Village Office conference room.  Visitors are always welcome to attend!

The Planning Board normally has five members. Current board members are:

Mark Zimmerman – Chair

Michael Hobbs

Joelle Toal

Katleen Dethier

Kyle Wruck

Please note that we encourage you to plan ahead when submitting a proposal.  Applications are generally presented to Village Planning at its regular meeting. They are then reviewed by County Planning at its monthly meeting.  Upon receipt of County Planning’s recommendations, the applications are then returned to Village Planning for review and determination at its next regular meeting.  Please note that some applications may take longer depending on the nature of the request.  This process can be lengthy but is in place for the greater good of the community.